About Project

Urban Local Bodies Project – The Information to Enable Democracy

Effective Democracy requires Citizens to make choices. Good choices require good information. The ULB Project is an effort to provide urban spaces with the information needed to foster effective democracy.


Our information will enable the strengthening of democracy through;

  • Awareness (Chetna) – Transforming residents into Citizens by making them aware of their rights, powers and responsibilities
  • Participation (Bhagidari) – Bringing the voice of Citizens in major policies and decisions that impact the City
  • Accountable (Jawabdehi) – Arming Citizens with the data and tools need to hold the administration to account
  • Leadership (Netrutva) – Providing causes to ignite new social and political leadership

Urban Information

On our site, you will find information that answers a citizen’s fundamental questions. Questions such as;

1. How are Cities organized in my State? What processes and rules are followed? What are my rights in governance?

2. How much money came into my City last year? From what sources?

3. How much money was spent in my City last year? On what heads?

4. How much money was spent in my Ward? What work was done with this money?

5. How should I check if the work done in my Ward has been done well?

6. What can I do if I find corruption or if I have a better idea for how things should be done?

Data Quality Standards

We follow a rigorous process to ensure that our data is authentic and usable. Our Data Quality Commitment;

1. The Truth – We will not publish anything that is false, fabricated or unauthenticated

2. The Whole Truth – We will not be selective about information. We will publish all data that has been found to be authentic

3. Verifiable and Referenced – All the data we publish will be based upon verified, authentic documents. These documents will be available for inspection of anyone who seeks it

4. Understandable – Our objective is not just to put out data, but to publish information understandable by the common Citizen. We will therefore convert raw data into reports, graphs and other formats to make it usable

Information Satyagrahi (Jankari ka Satyagrahi)

We are a Volunteer organization. Our Volunteers are called Information Satyagrahis. An Information Satyagrahi is someone who;

  • Is Committed to the idea that good public information is the right of every Indian
  • Dedicates themselves to putting the information need by society in the public domain and
  • Accepts the Code of Conduct of Jankari ke Satyagrahi

Join us!

Code of Conduct for Jankari ke Satyagrahi

Satya – I will be completely honest with public information

  • I will not provide false information
  • I will not withhold public information

Satyagraha – I will act without fear

  • I will not stop until the Information required is in the public domain. No threats, pressure, offers or any number of denials will stop me from pursuing the required information
  • I will work to make sure the Information I unearth reaches all those whom it can empower, especially those who no one else is reaching

Ahimsa – I will act without selfishness, anger or hatred

  • I will not pay a bribe to get data
  • I will not sell this information, threaten anyone with it or use it for any form of personal gain
  • My goal will be to build a better system, not to target and damage individuals. I will be forgiving, inclusive and constructive; not negative and destructive